Frequently asked questions

How do I start?

To get started if you are brand new to CrossFit you need to go through the Fundamentals Program. This is a 3-class course that teaches you the basic movements and gets you moving safely. The goal of Fundamentals is to give you a fun and educational introduction to CrossFit.

Is CrossFit for everyone? I heard CrossFit is hard?

Yes! CrossFit is for everyone. All of the workouts are scalable to your own fitness level and ability. This allows us to all take part in the same workout, getting the same benefit, but at our own level. To further accommodate athletes of all levels we have several different options for CrossFit classes. We have CrossFit all levels (designed for beginner to intermediate athletes), CrossFit Advanced (for those athletes with more experience who want to progress their fitness to a competitive level), and finally the Savage LAB (an area for elite athletes who want to excel at CrossFit competitions and push the limits of performance).

What do the different classes offer?

1) CrossFit All Levels: Focuses on the classic CrossFit principles. It emphasises technique and mastery of the movement before building into high intensity. This class is perfect for those new to CrossFit and those who simply want to come in and get a great workout without having to worry about highly technical skills. 2) CrossFit Advanced: For athletes that already have good technique and a solid foundation of fitness and are now seeking to push to the next level. During this class there will be more focus on technical skills and a greater overall training volume and intensity. 3) EPIC Hybrid Training: EPIC Interval Training consists of 6 different fitness classes which are programmed for all levels of fitness. Classes have unique circuit stations that utilize EPIC movements. Workouts are reprogrammed every 4 weeks with different EPIC movements to ensure enough time to see progress as you can take a specific class at least 4 times each month, but also ensure new and exciting workouts each month. 4) Savage LAB: For elite level athletes who want to focus on Competitive CrossFit competitions and pushing their training to the highest level possible. This area will mostly be used as an Open Gym space where athletes can spend the required time to get to the highest level. 5) Calisthenics: Calisthenic classes involves any exercises performed using no added weight, and is commonly referred to as street workout or body-weight training. Calisthenic training can be done as a stand-alone routine, or programmed into any weight loss, bodybuilding or fitness workout. It has many benefits and is convenient, and it can be tailored to suit beginner, intermediate or advanced trainees. 6) Barbell Club: Barbell Club classes use the Powerlifting movements as well as the Olympic lifts—the clean and jerk and the snatch to improves strength, speed and muscle gains.

How long are the classes?

The fundamentals Classes are 90 minutes long – they are slightly longer than the average class as we want to take our time coaching the movements so that you come away with confidence and a clear understanding of each movement. All other classes are one hour long and include a warm up, skill or strength element, a WOD and a cooldown.

Is CrossFit going to get me the body I want?

Lots of people are worried that CrossFit won’t build muscle or help them loose fat to get the body they are looking for. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is absolutely possible to build muscle, loose fat and get in amazing shape with CrossFit training alone, however, this is going to be largely determined by your nutrition. Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do and so we must choose the right nutrition strategy for our own individual goals. If you want extra advice or guidance with your Nutrition please arrange to see one of our Coaches who will be able to guide you through this process.

What do all the acronyms and abbreviations mean?

WOD = Workout of the Day, this changes every day and will be included in every CrossFit class. AMRAP = as many rounds/reps as possible, for example AMRAP 20 would be as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes. EMOM = every minute on the minute, this style of interval training can be highly effective for both strength training and conditioning. Chipper = this is when there is a number of different exercises in a specific order, they are only one round long and usually for time. Tabata = this is another style of interval training that consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. AFAP = as fast as possible. PR = personal record, this could be for a specific lift or score on a workout.

What if I don’t know the movements?

Every class is lead by a highly qualified and professional coach who will guide the entire class through each stage of the session. It is their job to make sure everyone in the class is moving safely and with proper technique on each movement. However, If you are unsure of a movement or would like some extra help please ask your coach for assistance.

What about nutrition?

Nutrition is the foundation that we build our fitness on. If we don’t have a proper nutrition plan in place, then we aren’t going to get the best results. You must fuel your body for the task you want it to perform. If you put the wrong fuel in, you are not going to get the result you want.

What do the named workouts mean?

There are two different types of named workouts – 1) the girls, 2) hero workouts The girls include workouts like Fran, Jackie, Grace, Cindy, Linda and many more. These are classic CrossFit workouts that are often used as benchmarks, so we can test our fitness and see how much we have improved. The Hero workouts are special workouts that honour the memory of a fallen hero. Often named after service men and women who have lost their lives in the line of duty, we do these workouts in remembrance of them.

Do I need to get fit before CrossFit?

No! This is a common question and people often feel the need to get in shape before coming to CrossFit. However, this is not necessary, CrossFit is scalable to all fitness levels and is the most effective way to improve your fitness. Why start with something that’s not as good when you could just do CrossFit from the start?

Am I too old or young to do CrossFit?

No. CrossFit is appropriate for individuals of all ages. “Our needs differ by degree not kind”, we can all benefit from improving our fitness no matter how old we are. CrossFit is scalable to everyone and to all fitness levels.

How often should I come in?

Great question! The traditional CrossFit method is to perform 3 days of workouts followed by one day rest. However, this is the ideal training split and not appropriate for those who are not used to CrossFit yet. To start with we recommend 3 days a week of CrossFit training. Once you feel like you can handle more you can add an extra day. You definitely don’t need to train every day though! 4-5 times a week is absolutely adequate.

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